Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Update 8/2/14

Bunny's Show at the Fairgrounds

This lucky boy was given the opportunity to participate in a 4 day horse show event at our local fairgrounds.  Out of 4 classes, he took home 3-4th Place ribbons and a 5th!  (He also got to spend all 4 days with his very special "Gramma Chicks".)

He looks so little on this horse, but has absolutely no trouble handling him.

Gorgeous Morgan horse named "JJ"


Lamb lit up when he saw the horses come in.  He then decided it would be good to finish the show with some loud wailing from the bleachers.  When you're only one of 3 groups of spectators in an entire arena, and the seats are all metal, you get noticed pretty quickly if you make any noise.  :-/

Hannes thought it was just ok.  He rides too, but REALLY wants to ride Western.  Hannes is kind of a thrill junky and will probably be super great at barrel racing or something that involves a fast horse.  

Snapped this pic just before the rains hit.  There was a hefty thunderstorm sitting RIGHT over us.  Spooked some of the horses a bit.  Overall he had a great weekend and is looking forward to his next show in a couple of weeks!

Sunday:  An "Off" Day For the Lamb

I'm not sure what's gotten under this kiddo's skin lately, but he's just been a handful.  Sunday morning started off bad right from the start.  He has this thing about calling people "stupid", or "stupid butt", or "poopy butt", or any variation of such related words and telling them to "shut up" over and over again.  He's also started saying, "Oh Shed".  :-/

The problem is, he struggles shut it off when he needs to, resulting in huge responses from his not so patient siblings.  I think he likes to get a rise out of them and so he continues on, thinking it's funny.

Not so funny though when he decides to share some of this behavior with the Nursery Director at our church.  After removing him from the classroom, he decided he didn't like that and took a swing at her head.  He then proceeded to launch a giant spit ball at her.  We got through 1st service (where he wasn't the best behaved either) and decided to head home after 2nd service music.

Sunday evening wasn't much better.

The Monkey is starting to use these words now too.  (Thanks Lamb).  I love summertime off with the boys but I'm really looking forward to this next school year to start.  They need the structure big time.

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