Friday, August 22, 2014

Birthdays, The Monkey's Diagnosis and Lam's New Glasses

I wanted to start this by saying "It's been a full week" but truthfully I could start most of these blog posts that very way.

Here is this last week in review:

Lammy's 7th birthday was this last weekend.  We had lots of friends, yummy cake and ice cream, and great presents.  He was thrilled to get a whole bunch of glow sticks and chocolate/peanutbutter candy.

Birthday Boy Breakfast

After church, we took a birthday trip to the park for some fun. 



Oh and I did some couponing!  I haven't done any of that for a while (coupons aren't what they used to be) so I was thrilled to find such a great deal.  What you don't see is the 20+ boxes of cereal I paid only $1.27 each for.  Lammy will be so happy!



Our little Monkey was evaluated this week for an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I never thought in my wildest dreams we would have 3 with autism.  We were told he more than met the requirements for an ASD and that they would write up the formal diagnosis paperwork and have it to us next week.

Although they don't use this term any more, he fits into the category of what used to be called "Aspergers".  Hannes falls on the same part of the spectrum.

Truthfully, I saw signs of it quite a while ago, but with him constantly interacting with Lammy, I just assumed he was picking up on Lam's behaviors and pushed the idea aside.  He is better than most on eye contact, super affectionate, and so I guess I assumed he was "normal". 

But like this blog title "Normal is a Setting on The Dryer", normal is what you make it to be.  Our "normal" is full of adorable, extremely intelligent, super quirky little boys.  God has great plans for these 4 and I'm blessed to be part of the ride.  :-)


Lammy has new glasses!

He looks so grown up!  I'm hoping this will help him to focus more once school is back in session.  His eyes are about 20/40, so not too bad, but enough that he can use the help.  They say that when a child with autism has behavior problems, often something as simple as aiding eyesight or hearing can make a huge difference.  I'm hoping so!

He was so cute at the Costco just after he put them on.  We were walking down the main aisle and he kept stopping and informing all the strangers that he had new glasses.  Big grins and everything.  The Vitamix demo guy was pretty great about it.  :-)  So cute!

Hannes says to the gal at the checkout, "This is my bully, and he's also my brother.  His name is Lammy."

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