Monday, July 14, 2014

How Many People Can Talk At The Same Time?

L: "Can I turn off the air conditioner?"  "No." L: "Why?"  "Because I said, 'no'."  L: "WHYYYYY???!!!  That is not why Mommy!"
             M: "Whaaaaaa, I want "Poppy Kids TV!"
                                "Lammy get out of my bedroom!"
                                               H: "Mom, MOM is this my Bowser toy that I left on the ground... "I don't know." H: "...that I sat on the ground here..." "I don't know." H: "...that was from my happy meal..." "I don't know."
             L: "Did you know the fan is on in your bedroom Mommy?  REALLY MOMMY!  REALLY!!!  Oooh!  The washing machine is done!"

3 seconds of silence.

M: "I need Poppy Kids TV!"

I wish I could write this better, but assume these conversations are happening really fast, at a typical Italian family volume, and simultaneously.

Pretty much how things go around here.  Either people are quiet and you don't hear much, or you get the multitudes surrounding you all at the same time, vying for your attention.  It's like that phenomenon where for hours nobody knows that you exist until the phone rings, and then they HAVE to talk to you RIGHT NOW, or they decide it's a good time to blow out their diaper.  And then take it off.

No wonder I don't have a social life.  I can't even get a phone call without someone trying to kill someone else in the background.  

And now once again it's quiet and I'm unnoticed.  Going to sneak upstairs to do some laundry.  Don't call me.


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