Thursday, October 30, 2014

Long Day of Pumpkins and a Trip to the Mall

The Hubs was home last weekend so we decided to take the kids on an outing to the pumpkin farm!

We don't often get an opportunity to do things "out" as a family, but now that the kids are getting a bit older and a little easier to manage, we are trying to do more.  

This place was amazing.  Multiple fields of pumpkins on a real working farm!

They had fire roasted corn, squash, and apples.  Lam wasn't too sure about the corn but he wanted to have one anyway.

The Hubs eventually had to eat it.

Monkey wasn't too sure about it either, but then he saw these ginormous honeycrisp apples and worked on one for about a half hour.

It was so much fun.  :-)

After all of that, we took a trip to the mall.  Hubs had something he had to do for a short bit, so I took the boys window shopping.  

It could have been easier.  They were pretty good through one store and then totally lost it in another.  Boys 4 different directions, handling everything.  I'm sure those people at the smelly bath and lotion stores purposely put items 2 feet off the ground in order to stop you long enough and convince you that the key to finding happiness in their store requires purchasing little kid sized hand sanitizers for each of your enthusiastic, "Yes Mommy can we PLEASE have one???" kiddos.

We pass by the food court and Lam decides he's starving to death.  Doesn't matter that he had been eating constantly up until we got there.  He's not quiet about it either.

Lam has recently traded washing machines for toilets so obviously everytime we pass a bathroom or enter a new building he has to go potty.  He freaks out if you won't let him go, even if it's been just 5 minutes.  The looks I get from passing adults when he starts screaming at the top of his lungs, "Mom!  I'm going to pee my pants!  You need to let me go potty!  Mom!!!!!!!!!  Why won't you let me go potty!" make me feel like Mom of the Year.  

The trip to the bathroom was a joy.  

I was yelled at (at great length) by Lam because I made him come in the women's bathroom with me.  "Do you think I'm a girl?!"  "Mom!  I'm NOT supposed to use the girl's bathroom!  You need to take good care of me and let me use the MEN'S BATHROOM!"  

That went on for a while.

Because I actually had to use the facilities, I relied on the Bunny to keep order.  Not shortly after I sat down I hear, "Monkey, you need to wait until you are in the stall before you pull your pants down."  Then, "Monkey, you need to close the stall door!"

(Still being yelled at by Lam...)

I finish and try to fish my youngest out of his stall.  He can't figure out how to make the electronic toilet flush.  That in of itself is no big deal, but while he's inspecting it, he has his left hand running all over the seat, with fingers wrapping into the nasty public toilet.

Plus the door was locked.  Monkey is one to put his hands in his mouth frequently so I was just a tad bit concerned.  He screamed and fought me as I tried to slather his hands and arms with hand sanitizer.  Lam was still grilling me and then it hit me... Hannes is gone.

We frantically left with Lam still practicing his role as a drill sergeant and found Hannes dancing around way down the hall, in amongst a pile of strangers.

I only took one picture of the whole mall trip because it was enough to just keep all 4 kids in tow.

A smiling Hubs met me by the door.  Like a night in shining armor, he took over and we walked to the car... stilled being yelled at about bathroom choices.

Happily home, the kids quickly got into carving.  Their first time and it was a big, messy success!

Oh, and guess who wanted the entire alphabet on his pumpkin?

My husband is long-suffering.  :-)

We even toasted some seeds!

Not too bad for a bunch of amateurs!  I think next year we will skip the mall.

Weight loss ad shows up on tv (with bathing suit model).  "Mom!  You should buy some of that stuff!"

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