Thursday, July 10, 2014

And Here We Are...

As I type this I'm thinking to myself, "What is this really and why am I doing it?  Will this be an opportunity to reach out to the real world (whatever that is) and share my experiences with others?  Or will it just end up being a dud deal that gets updated once in a while for my own diary of life benefit?"  Probably the latter of the two.

While we wait to find out the answer to that mysterious question, let me start by introducing myself.  I'm "The Mamma" as affectionately known by my husband and 4 boys.  Not just Mamma, but "THE Mamma" which cracks me up a little.  We also have a horrible way of putting "the" in front of everything... THE Lowes, THE Walmart, THE Safeway... I digress.

Anywho, as many of those with multiple small kiddos, my job primarily is to be "The Mamma" at home, 24/7.  I'm in my 9th year and I'd be absolutely blunt faced lying to you if I told you every day was a dream.  It's not.  But that's just life in anything anyone does, so don't go thinking you're going to fool the rest of us, k?

However, I LOVE my job and wouldn't trade it for anything.  Truly.  Being able to stay home while nurturing and growing my children is one of the best gifts God has blessed me with.  And I intend to do it as long as He allows me to!

So why the title?  We here at the ranch (it's no where near a ranch, it just feels like I'm living with wild animals) have a unique situation within our 4 walls, although one that's quickly becoming not so unique these days.  All of our 4 children diagnosed with some kind of developmental disability or delay.  For some of you that may sound as if they are all behind academically.  Let me assure you they are not at all.  Meet the kids:

The Bunny

Our oldest, now 9 years old excells academically in his class and is in the highly capable program at his elementary school.  He's super extroverted, kinda cheesy, and great at making car noises.  He also has ADHD (Impulsive Type).  The Bunny is one of those kids that throws out questions you'd expect to hear from a 7th grader, and uses a BIG vocabulary.  He's also quite the horseman already.  It's obvious this kiddo is going to do great things someday.  I just adore this boy.  :-)

The Hannes

Our second oldest, now 8 years old, also excells academically in his class and is in the highly capable program at his elementary school.  Excited by all things Lego, The Hannes can create structures that would make your husband jealous.  Paper airplanes and blueberries are some of his other favorite things.  Hannes has the best laugh and the biggest heart.  :-)  Diagnosed ADHD and high functioning ASD (Aspergers before they changed the diagnosis codes) he's quirky, nerdy and super funny.  I adore this boy too!

The Lamb

Oh The Lamb.  He is such a bright spot in our lives.  The Lamb is a sweet, happy, lively almost 7 year old with an obsession for orange cats and peanut butter.  Want to know something about your washing machine?  He's probably watched the youtube repair video for your particular model.  He also has an incredible ear for music and is already picking out major, minor, and diminished chords on our piano - BY EAR.  He will be entering 2nd grade next year and is academically brilliant.  The Lamb is a mid-high functioning Autistic.  I can't imagine life without this sweet little toe head!

The Monkey

His name truly fits too.  This boy clings and climbs and will eat a whole bunch of bananas in a sitting.  He's recently 4 years old and is obsessed with the alphabet.  This child was writing the alphabet at age 2.  No joke.  He's reading beginner books but still has a full year before he enters Kindergarten.  Loves his "pancakes on the butter" too.  The Monkey doesn't let anything or anyone stand in his way, which is a great quality when you're the youngest of 4.  He is an absolute sweet, loving, bright spot in my day!

What is normal anyway?  Normal is a setting on the dryer.  I've stressed to much in my lifetime to continue to strive for that mecca of normalcy.  My hope is to document our journey to show the rest of the world what life is really all about, encouraging all those other parents of kids like ours to create their own "normal".  That which is normal for you is normal.  And for me, I continue on prayerfully, looking forward to all that God has planned for our family!

Camden, go get your clothes - I wanna be trees!  Get your clothes - I wanna be trees - ok be trees and get your clothes


  1. This is a fantastic start! I really enjoy blogs where people tell their stories. Your family is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first post and look forward to many more.

    1. Thanks Sherry! Hopefully I can stay disciplined enough to keep up with it. :-)

  3. I covet all great family stories! Mine wasn't that great...


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