Thursday, July 24, 2014

Been A Crazy Week Already

On any given day I can just sit down to a keyboard and write, as if I've been working on a thought for weeks and I'm typing a story out of my head.

For some reason it's not happening so smoothly today.

Again, this blog is really just my diary and I really don't expect anyone to read it.  You are welcome to, but if you actually choose to, beware this may be a long and rambling post.

This was going to be the week where we caught up on things, relaxed, and spent time with our kids doing things that families do while on vacation.

Actually, the week initially was freed up to spend time serving at our church's annual youth camp.  But given the now 9 weeks of mono, my husband decided it would be best if he stayed home and helped me get some stuff done.

Best laid plans, right?

It started with a great, but exhausting Sunday serving on the worship team at church.  SO nice to be back playing with our group, but in hindsight, I probably should have waited another couple of weeks. Monday started at 3am with my mother and I both sick as dogs with one of the ugliest stomach bugs I can remember having.  Ibuprophen on board, I still had a temp of 101, and a fever headache to go with it.  It was great timing seeing as I had already overworked myself the day before.  Plus, the Hubs was committed to doing the food shopping and bus driving for camp, so I spent the day on the floor, trying to keep the kids from killing eachother, hoping my mom was alive in her apartment downstairs.

Tuesday The Monkey started swimming lessons.  He hates getting wet.  HATES it.  At one point he got so worked up during bathtime that he actually threw up, so you can imagine how excited he was to be in the kiddie pool.  We've decided that he needs to get over this so while the other boys are in the big pool having lessons, he will be acquainting himself with the water in the shallow pool.

He screamed the entire lesson.  I'm sure they were thankful when we left.  :-)  The Hubs got to come with us which was really nice given that I was still reeling from the flu the day before.  We spent the rest of the day at home.  I stupidly pushed myself through some yardwork and paid for it later.  Hubs was super sleepy so we spent the rest of the day in the house doing nothing.  We did work on The Monkey's potty training, which has been an abysmal failure (I'm sure it's because he doesn't want his legs to get wet).  I was so physically tired.  Pretty much felt like I lost a week or more of progress on the mono.  :-/

Wednesday was pretty much the same.  Screaming kid in the pool, hubs and wife laying around feeling exhausted... we squeezed in a trip to McDonalds and 7-11 though for some post swimming lunch and Slurpees.  Hubs wanted to take the kids to The Children's Museum.  I was secretly thankful we couldn't find parking and had to postpone.  So tired.

Then came Thursday, which is today.

Woke up tired, got the kids ready to go (The Bunny destroyed the kitchen making breakfast, but who cares) and the 6 of us were in the car were heading to swim when I realized how loud and horridly squirrly the older boys were being in the car.  "Honey, did we give them their pill?"  "Um, no."  "Great."

The lesson was awful.  Well, Monkey actually did pretty well.  He only screamed half the session (Daddy was with him in the pool) and actually smiled at one point.  Progress.

The Bunny and Hannes were impossible.  Hannes couldn't stop whining and freaking out about EVERYTHING.  The Bunny was loud, splashy, and incredibly obnoxious.  Their teacher deserves a major award.  She knew why they were "off" today, but I'm still thankful she showed them some grace (and a tight leash).

Hubs' tummy wasn't feeling so super and that coupled with the kids' ridiculous, uncontrollable behavior in class, we decided to forgo trying the museum again today and headed for a quick trip to the Winco.

Mind you, I haven't been grocery shopping in over 2 months, and still don't feel up for all the walking that comes with, but Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards were really bare, know what I'm sayin?  Plus, we were just minutes from a really great grocery store, so we went for it.

We had one of those carts where there is the attachment in the front that you can sit two extra kids facing forward.  I sat in it off and on while the kids "pushed" the cart.  Grocery shopping means you have to go down each isle to see ALL the numbers, in order, or The Monkey freaks out.  It's great.

People stared at us funny and I'm sure we were quite the sight.  Hubs looked pasty green, mom's sitting in the kid's seat because she's too fatigued to walk, kids were being loud, grabbing things off the shelves, dragging the cart to and fro.  No amount of "we're going to take away this privelage and that privelage and whatever" was working.  They were like a bunch of loud, drunken, impulsive teenagers with no common sense and the giggles.

Oh, and then I remembered we had to bag our own groceries.  Sick, tired, and in a hurry because there will be someone else's groceries that will soon be coming down your beltway.

Not 5 minutes into the ride home, Hannes smacked The Bunny HARD with a toy, Lammy screamed because The Bunny was screaming, and the Hubs was hit with the stomach flu full on while we were driving down the highway.

He gets to go to camp tomorrow night.  I'm praying he gets over it quickly.  :-(

Did I mention our water heater is leaking in our garage?

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