Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Introducing our little "Buddy".

I said I was done at 4, but God had different, better plans.

We were induced at 39 weeks because my fluid was low.  Longest, hardest labor of my life.  Because you'd think after 4 rounds of "THE PIT" in previous deliveries, I would have just asked for the epidural from the get go.  But noooo.  My hippie self decided I should give this last one a go as naturally as possible.


But honestly, we had a midwife this time and a large part of that was amazing.  She even let me EAT.  Did you know you can achieve a special kind of nirvana eating dry, overcooked hamburgers while in labor?  I do now.  Oh, and I could move around as freely as I wanted.  It was all pretty great until about 2am when my body decided to kick in and "THE PIT" was stronger than I could handle.  And so, the shameless begging for an epidural ensued.  

(I wanted to kiss my anesthesiologist when she was done.)

Oh my heart.  This Monkey won't ever look at the camera but for some reason he was so in love with his new brother that the camera didn't matter.

So there it is!  The post is a few weeks late but whatever...  We're really exhausted excited and can't wait to see what new adventures await with this little dude!

God is so good.

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