Monday, October 20, 2014

Wow! That Went By Fast!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last post!  So much has happened in that time so I suppose it's time I get you all up to speed.  I'll probably need to space these out a bit.  :-)

The kids have started school, the Hubs and I both celebrated birthdays, and we are almost getting our back to school routine down.  

We started off the new school year running. I'm starting to feel like after a few months off, we really should have had a more gradual start to our Fall season, but I'm keeping my head in it and pressing forward. 

Everyone but Hannes was excited to go. I kind of expected that really. The nice thing is he has the same teacher this year as he did the last, in the same classroom, with basically the same curriculum structure. His teacher is awesome and she absolutely ADORES him. Hannes' math skills are pretty amazing for an 8 year old and she's excited about challenging him. She also sees past his hang-ups in the classroom and somehow plays para educator and teacher at the same time. Pretty incredible really. 

The Lamb was thrilled. Threw his arms around his new teacher and told her that he loved her. :-) 

The Bunny is in the 4th grade now! An "Intermediate" student. He's pleased with his new teacher and class format, I think moreso than last year. It's a little more grown up. They get to use binders with dividers and are learning to self direct and be responsible for their own homework etc. Oh, and they're learning to play the violin! (Better start saving my money now...) 

 Monkey is attending two different preschools and is SO excited to be a part of it all.  It's a little different this year because it's really Pre-K, but he's in the same classroom with the same teachers and all but one of the kiddos in his class are the same from last year.  I absolutely LOVE both schools and the teachers that work there.  These kids learn so much academically and get to know God a little better too.  

One of his teachers has a little baby boy that I'm watching for her part time.  I pick up the Little Mister and hang out while we wait for Monkey to be finished with school.  We're trying to visit friends in the area that are at home watching their own kiddos and perhaps a few elderly ladies from our church as well.  I'm really looking forward to growing my relationship with some of the ladies at our church this year.  I think our culture has become so busy, and so focused on media, that we're losing the initiative to seek interractions with eachother in person.  Perhaps the Little Mister and I can start the ball rolling to change that.    

It's good for me too, because I tend to be a hermit.

After the morning is over, we stuff some quick lunch into the Monkey and whisk him off to his other preschool.  Little Mister and I will go home where he can hopefully nap before the masses show up on the bus at the end of the school day.

Then we're into homework and whatever else 4 little boys do until dinner.

Somewhere in all of this I'll get some grocery shopping and laundry done...

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